Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and Business Management (Code: L-18)

Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Business Management (Code: L-18)


Coordinator: prof. Maria Claudia Lucchetti

Administrative staff: Chiara Mizzoni

The degree course in Economics and Business Management (CLEGA, Corso di Laurea in Economia e Gestione Aziendale) provides students with the professional skills required for a career in economics and business management, as well as preparing them for further studies in these fields. Over the three year duration of this course students will acquire:

  • a sound understanding of basic concepts in the fields of business organisation, economics, law and statistical mathematics;
  • solid analytical, interpretative and critical abilities applied to business related phenomena and other relevant information;
  • a comprehensive set of skills useful in efficient managerial decision-making roles.


These studies will enable the student to develop sufficient professional knowledge to be able to make informed decisions regarding the pursuit of further studies or immediate entry into the employment market.

Possible career choices may include:

  • managerial positions in a variety of company departments (administration and auditing, finance, marketing, organisation, manufacture and technologies, etc.) and in different types of company (private and public, for profit and no-profit);
  • consultancy roles in the sphere of business management;
  • entrepreneurial activities (e.g. private or family-owned business).


Successful graduates of this course can go on to pursue higher qualifications (master’s degree or postgraduate diploma) and follow various other academic routes in line with the framework of continuous learning set out in European institutional and social provisions.

In keeping with the academic aims and expected learning outcomes described above, this degree course will:

  • provide the student with a solid and disciplined foundation in business studies, economics, law and statistical mathematics;
  • allow the student to choose between different study plans on completion of the first year and a half of study.

This bachelor’s course offers five study plans, and includes:

  • a section common to all study plans with 12 subjects for a total of 107 credits;
  • a section specific to each study plan, with 7 subjects for a total of 63 credits;
  • 10 credits will be assigned to other academic activities (in accordance with Italian legislation: ex D.M. 270/2004 art.10, comma 5, lettere c/d)

In order to obtain their degree, the student must achieve a total of 180 credits in 19 subjects, and pass 2 proficiency evaluations (english language and computer sciences) and a final exam.

The details of each study plan are outlined below:

Administration and Control
Finance, Banking and Markets
Company Management
Product quality control and consumer rights