Business and finance (codes: LM-16, LM-77)

Business and finance (codes: LM-16, LM-77)


Coordinator: Professor Alessandra Carleo

The master’s degree in business and finance is built upon the master’s degree in finance which has been taught at this university’s economics faculty since the 2001/2002 academic year. It is a double-code master’s degree (it is classified under two official Italian degree identification codes: LM-16 Finance and LM-77 Economic and Business Sciences), enabling it to reflect the multidisciplinary nature of finance, and it is the only double-code degree provided by the economics or business studies departments. This degree course is primarily dedicated to business and quantitative themes, although attention is also paid to economic questions and includes a study plan aimed at preparing students for a professional role financial law experts.

This master’s degree in business and finance is designed to provide students with a solid understanding and advanced skills in all the main disciplines of finance. Specifically, the course is aimed at helping students to develop advanced concepts and the relevant skills regarding the theoretical, methodological and operational techniques necessary to perform the following functions:

  • managerial decision-making in the finance departments of large and medium-sized manufacturing and service-oriented companies, positions of management within a company or as financial consultants;
  • management of various intermediary entities within the financial and insurance sectors, in classic managerial roles as well as strategic and governance decision-making in the financial services sector within international, and particularly European, contexts;
  • analysis, assessment and regulation of financial markets within regulatory and supervisory frameworks relating to the performance of modern economic systems.

Graduates of this master’s degree will be able to seek managerial roles and positions of advanced responsibility in the following professional areas:

  • management and distribution departments of banks, insurance companies and financial intermediaries;
  • management of the finance departments of manufacturing and service-oriented companies, and entrepreneurial or managerial roles in companies of all sizes;
  • financial market operators, traders and risk managers;
  • financial analysis and investment/asset management companies, financial consultants, investment funds and pension funds;
  • venture capital and corporate restructuring companies;
  • supervisory and regulatory authorities relating to financial markets and financial and insurance operators;
  • financial services in the public sector and non-profit organisations, including central banks, governments and local authorities, and international organisations;
  • other organisations, legal and other professional practices, research bodies, etc., in roles that require financial expertise or the ability to create an interface between businesses and financial organisations, or between the finance departments of manufacturing and service companies

The following course will be offered: