Economics and management (LM-77)

Economics and management (LM-77)


Coordinator: Professor Francesca Renzi

This master’s degree in Economics and Management is designed to equip students for professional employment in managerial and entrepreneurial roles within public or private companies and institutes operating in the manufacturing and service sectors. The content of the degree course is particularly aimed at enhancing the notions acquired during the bachelor’s degree, developing the student’s ability to analyse and interpret business related phenomena and increasing their ability to make effective decisions within the context of company management.

On completing the course, the graduate should have acquired the skills necessary to rapidly assume a position of responsibility within the company structure either as an employee or as an external consultant. With this in mind students will be provided with opportunities to complete internships and trainee programmes focused on the acquisition of the relevant work experience.

This course is ideal for all students who wish to seek employment in companies or organisations and benefit  from an adequately comprehensive education regarding themes connected to management. Graduates of the master’s degree in economics and management will be well-equipped to take on managerial roles and positions of responsibility, for example:

  • consultants and specialists in the areas of management and administration and control of resources;
  • managerial roles in medium and large companies with responsibilities for: strategic planning; Research & Development and Innovation; human resources; manufacture and logistics; quality control; marketing and communication; corporate social responsibility;
  • entrepreneurial roles in various manufacturing and service sectors;
  • company management specialists in national, Eu and international organisations.

The Master’s Degree in Economics and Management is composed of three alternative study plans: