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  • Strategic Management, Entrepreneurship & Business Planning
  • Strategic and Web Marketing (products & services, B2C & B2B, non-profit)
  • International Business, International Marketing & Globalization
  • Marketing Research & Quantitative Methods
  • Decision Support Systems, Business Analytics & Intelligence, Business Simulations & Games


  • DBA (Doctor of Business Administration), Grenoble Ecole de Management, France, 2006-2012
  • Advanced post-graduate Diploma in Management Consultancy, Henley Management College, UK, 1994-1996
  • Certificate in Business, Government & International Economy, Harvard Business School, Cambridge, USA, 7/1981
  • MBA (Master of Business Administration), Columbia University Graduate School of Business, New York, USA, 1972-1973
  • Certificate in Business Economics, Université de Paris II-Sorbonne, France, 1971-1972
  • Degree in Law, Università Statale, Milan, Italy, 1960-1966


  • Dean’s Honor List, 2nd Term of the MBA, Columbia University Graduate School of Business, 1973

Academic and Teaching Experience

  • Adjunct Professor of Strategic Management, Università di Roma Tre, 2006-present,
  • Lecturer on International Business Management and International Strategic Marketing (post-graduate courses), E-Business and E-Commerce (undergraduate) in the Academic Year 2013-14, Management Decision Making, Quantitative Methods (undergraduate) and International Business Management (postgraduate) since January 2015, European School of Economics, Florence and Rome
  • Visiting Professor of Decision Making in Strategic Management, Università Europea di Roma, since
  • Visiting or Adjunct Professor of International Marketing, University of Macerata, 1984-2012.
    On average, taught a course every other year until 2002, taught International Economics for two years and, more recently, seminars on Judgmental Models and Business Analytics in International Marketing
  • Lecturer on Strategic and International Marketing, Business Planning, Marketing Research and Quantitative Methods for Management in various executive, graduate and post-graduate courses and seminars, for various educational institutions, universities and business schools, trade associations, government bodies and agencies, both in Italy (CUOA, ICE, IFOA, IPSOA, ISTAO, ISTUD, LIUC, MIB, Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Universities of Bari and Padua, etc.) and in more than 30 other advanced or less industrialized countries (in Central Asia, Western and Eastern Europe, North Africa, North and South America, Middle and Far East), 1992-present
  • Academic Dean of the Distance Learning Master Degree in International Marketing and Sales for owners and managers of SMEs, accredited by the University of Wales and managed by IFOA (management education institution of the Chambers of Commerce of the Emilia Romagna region in Italy), and Lecturer on Strategic and International Marketing in the same Program, 1998-2005
  • Visiting Professor of Strategic Management in the MBA Program, Grenoble Ecole de Management, France, 2002-2003
  • Visiting Professor of International Marketing in the Undergraduate Program, Institut de Formation Internationale, Rouen, France, 1993-2001
  • Grover Hermann Chair of International Management, Visiting Professor (Adjunct for one year) of Strategic and International Marketing, International Communications, and Marketing Research, in the MBA Program of the Monterey Institute of International Studies, Monterey, CA, USA, 1988- 1992
  • Adjunct Professor of Business Policy in the MBA Program of the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY, USA, 1982 & 1983 (Summer Terms)

Other Management Education Experience

  • Lecturer and Speaker on Strategic Management and Marketing, International and Global Marketing, Quantitative Methods and Decision Support Systems, in many in-company seminars and workshops for medium and large multinationals, including Amgen, Apple Italy, AT&T, FIAT, IBM Italy, Istituto Bancario San Paolo di Torino, Iveco, Landi, Linde, Marazzi, Olivetti, Pirelli, Unicredit, …. Qualified Speaker on Blue Ocean Strategy (BOS Initiative Centre, INSEAD, Fontainebleau) since 2006.
  • Designer and creator of various multimedia and e-learning material, simulations and business games on Strategic and International Marketing, Business Planning and Quantitative Methods (see more details below, under Publications).

Research Experience

  • Supervision of various research projects on Strategic and International Management since 2006, University of Roma Tre.
  • Various pilot research projects on the Impact of e-learning on managerial competencies, Grenoble Ecole de Management and Newcastle University, 2002-2010.
  • Literature reviews on The evaluation of e-learning, Grenoble Ecole de Management and Newcastle University, 2004-2010.
  • Analysis of the market of services to SMEs in five Western European countries, European Commission and Unioncamere, 2000-2001.
  • Longitudinal research projects on The Potential Contribution of IT and e-commerce to the International Competitiveness of SMEs, IFOA, 1988-2002.
  • Benchmarking Groupware Adoption Practices and Service Quality Performance, Henley Management College, 1997.
  • Factors Impacting the Development of Electronic Commerce in the Lombardy Region, MATE, 1997.
  • The expected Impact of EMU on the Export Strategies of Italian SMEs, IFOA, 1997.
  • Management Education Needs of SMEs in the International Marketing Area, IFOA, 1996.
  • Field-work in Italy for a Research Project on Benchmarking IT Performance, Templeton College, Oxford, 1996.
  • The Impact of “Europe 1992” on the Strategic Decisions of Small and Medium-size Italian Companies, IFOA, 1990-93.
  • Intelligent Data Bases on Foreign Countries for the Development of International New Ventures, conceived, designed, and conducted in the context of the teaching assignments (in particular: International Marketing and International Business Planning courses) at the Monterey Institute of International Studies, 1989.
  • Decision Support Systems in Banking, conducted in France, Italy, USA, IFOA, 1988.
  • Potential Applications of Expert Systems in Management Consulting to Small Companies, IFOA, 1986.
  • Personal Computing for Management in Large U.S. Banks and Insurance Companies, conducted in the USA, IFOA, 1986.
  • Decision Models for Foreign Companies Entering the USA, conducted in France, Italy, USA, Istituto Bancario San Paolo di Torino, 1985.
  • Organizational Patterns in Multinational Advertising Agencies, conducted in France, Italy, USA, Columbia Business School, 1973.
  • Marketing Strategy and Product Life Cycles, conducted in France, Italy, UK., Columbia Business School, 1972.

Key Qualifications

  • Strong background in strategic management and planning, entrepreneurship, marketing and international marketing, marketing research and quantitative methods (consumer: agri-food, apparel, shoes, household appliances, etc., industrial: plants, machinery, components, etc., services: banking, insurance, retailing, tourism, professions, etc., non-profit), e-commerce, business intelligence and information technologies in management and education, both with SMEs and large public and private organizations
  • More than 30-year experience in management education (needs assessment, curricula development and evaluation, design and delivery of courses, seminars, workshops and training programs) at different levels (SMEs’ owners and managers, graduates, executives, academics and trainers), and consulting in more than 30 countries
  • In particular, more than 30-year experience in the conception, design and development of original teaching material (textbooks, workbooks, cases, etc.), software tools, business simulations and games, decision support systems and multimedia packages to support the management education and consulting activities, strong oral and written communication skills
  • More than 10-year experience in the design, contents development, delivery and management of blended e-learning programs for owners and managers of SMEs and large organizations, involving the coordination of a senior-level faculty as Academic Dean for 7 years
  • In-depth knowledge of SMEs’ needs in the areas of marketing, business planning and export promotion, significant experiences with public institutions (in Italy and abroad) supporting the domestic and international expansion of the economy through the development of SMEs’ competitiveness, and in the design, implementation and evaluation of capacity building and technical assistance projects in non industrialized countries
  • Significant experience in the conception, design, and management (project management and team leadership) – on behalf of public institutions – of complex and long-term technical assistance projects (consulting, business planning and education) addressed to groups of diversified exporting SMEs from various Italian regions, involving the coordination of teams of senior consultants and teachers
  • In particular, in-depth experience in the development of business plans for various companies and institutions (profit and non-profit), in Italy and in various foreign countries
  • Extensive experience in the design and implementation of various research projects on the provision of services to SMEs and the impact of information technologies on their international competitiveness.

Other Education

Attendance to various courses, seminars, conferences and workshops over the last 30 years, including:

  • Various “refresher” seminars on Web & Social Media Marketing, in particular those delivered by AISM (Italian Marketing Association), May-June 2016
  • Various seminars, workshops and forums on e-learning, business intelligence and knowledge management, decision making and problem solving, in Athens (IEEE), Grenoble (Grenoble Ecole de Management), Milan, Rome, Naples, 2001-2013. More recently: Course on Decision Making and Problem Solving, CIMBA (Consortium Institute of Management and Business Analysis), Paderno del Grappa, Italy, 26- 27/10/2013, various bi-monthly webinars, especially on BI, web analytics and web marketing, with AMA, TDWI, Unbounce, Chief Marketer, HubSpot, etc., 2005-2016
  • Various doctoral seminars and workshops on Research Methods and Research Techniques, University of Newcastle and Grenoble Ecole de Management, 2002-2010.
  • Course on Web Metrics: Making the Most of Your e-Commerce Data, The Wharton School, University Of Pennsylvania, June 27-30, 2000.
  • Various workshops and forums on electronic commerce, CommerceNet Italy, Milan and Rome, 1998-99.
  • Conference on Learning in the 21st Century, Arthur Andersen, St. Charles, Il., April 7-9, 1999.
  • Various seminars and workshops at Spring Internet World (Los Angeles, USA), on IT and e-commerce (San Francisco, Oakland and Silicon Valley), CommerceNet Italy & Italian U.S. Consulate, 4/99.
  • Seminar on Macroeconomic Tools for Competitiveness, Bocconi University, Milan, Italy, October 26-27/98.
  • Various doctoral workshops and seminars on Research Methods and Research Techniques, Henley Management College, England (1994-1998).
  • Various workshops, visits to companies and seminars on Innovation and Product Development in Japan, EU-Japan Center for Industrial Cooperation, Tokyo-Osaka-Kyoto, Japan, 1996.
  • Information Technology Summer School, Henley Management College, 1995.
  • Workshop on Cross Cultural Perspectives: Comparative Management and Organization, European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management, Henley Management College, 1994.
  • Advanced Management Program, Henley Management College, 1994.
  • Doctoral seminar on Quantitative Models in Marketing, European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management, Leuven, Belgium, 1993.
  • Doctoral courses and seminars on Epistemology, Research Methods, Cybernetics, Manchester Business School, Manchester, England, 1992-93.
  • Seminars and workshops on The Role of Central Europe in International Business, University of South Carolina, Vienna, Prague, Budapest (Austria, Czechoslovakia, Hungary), 1992.
  • Doctoral course on Mathematical Economics, Kent State University, Kent, Ohio, USA, 1990.
  • Monthly one-day inter-company seminars (teachers from Harvard, INSEAD, MIT) on Strategy and Organization, General Management, Marketing, Finance, Information Systems, Studio Ambrosetti, Milan, 1978- 80.
  • Course on Mergers & Acquisitions, IMEDE, Lausanne, Switzerland, 1975.
  • Internal seminars on Strategic Market Planning, Strategy and Technology for Innovation, Environmental Analysis for Management (with teachers from the Harvard Business School), GEA, Milan, Italy, 1974-75.

Languages and Other Skills

  • Mother tongue: Italian
  • Excellent knowledge (spoken and written) of English and French
  • Good knowledge of Spanish
  • Fully computer literate: MS Office, MS Project, SPSS, Internet, Tableau (Business Intelligence tool), certified HubSpot Academy (Internet Marketing Practice – August 2015- September 2016).

Publications, Working Papers, Business Games and Simulations, e-Learning Programs and Decision Support Systems, Conferences, and Teaching Cases

Books, articles, and papers

  • Supporting SMEs’ internationalization: analyzing and clustering SMEs for the identification of the most appropriate services, co-authored with Giulia Tatananni, Procedia Social and Behavioral Sciences, Elsevier, forthcoming 2016
  • Strategy for Action: volumes I and II (textbook of the Strategic Management course at the University of Rome III), co-authored with Alberto Pezzi and Daniela Venanzi, Springer, Berlin, 2012-2013
  • “Mettiamo un po’ d’ordine nell’approccio Blue Ocean?” (Let’s rearrange the Blue Ocean approach), Harvard Business Review Italia, June 2012
  • Purple Ocean Strategy: How to Support SMEs’ Recovery, co-authored with Daniela Venanzi, Procedia Social and Behavioral Sciences 24, Elsevier, 2011
  • Searching for an e-Learning Readiness Indicator: a Research Itinerary, Business Leadership Review, 9/2011
  • “Il Management dell’Internazionalizzazione” (Managing Internationalization), co-authored with Antonio Di Meo and Laura Carola Beretta, API Ravenna (SMEs industry association), 2nd edition, 2008
  • “Perfectum: la formula del successo aziendale in 99 concetti” (Perfectum: The Formula of Companies’ Success, in 99 Concepts), co-authored with Massimo Manzoni, Alfonso Pace, and Davide Possati, Franco Angeli, Milan, 2007
  • Various editions of Workbooks on Strategic Marketing, International Marketing and Planning, IT and Internet Marketing, Marketing Communications, for the Distance Learning Master Degree in International Marketing & Sales, University of Wales and IFOA, Reggio Emilia, 1998-2005
  • “Il nuovo marketing strategico” (6th edition of The New Strategic Marketing, see below), supported by an integrated Excel application, co-authored with Simone Garroni and Alfonso Pace, Franco Angeli, Milan, 2005
  • Evaluating e-learning: an analytical framework and research directions for management education, International Journal of Continuing Engineering Education and Life-Long Learning, Vol. 16, No 6, 2006. Proceedings of the IADIS International Conference on Cognition and Exploratory Learning in Digital Age (CELDA 2005), Porto, Portugal, 14-16 December
  • The Visibility and Quality of Support Services for SMEs in the European Union, co-authored with Davide Possati, Profili 68, Unioncamere, Rome, 2001
  • “Prospettive dell’e-commerce” (The Future of e-Commerce), co-authored with Daniele Gerundino, Rivista di Banca, Milan, 1997
  • Un modello di valutazione di nuove iniziative imprenditoriali” (A Model for New Ventures Assessment), supported by an integrated Excel application, co-authored with Paolo Jaccod and Paola Nascenzi, SEAM, Rome, 1997
  • “Il Groupware nella Formazione: Sfide e Opportunità” (Groupware in Management Education: Challenges and Opportunities), IFOA Newsletter, Reggio Emilia, September 1995
  • Il nuovo marketing strategico” (The New Strategic Marketing), supported by an integrated Lotus 1.2.3 application, Franco Angeli, Milan, 1993
  • A Decision Support System for Marketing-Economic-Financial Control in the Bank Agency , in “Tendenze nel Management Bancario” (Trends in Banking), SARIN, Rome, 1988
  • Expert Systems in Banking and Finance, Management e Impresa, Milan, 7/1987
  • “Il progetto Banking Game” (The Banking Game Project) in “Le Simulazioni di Gestione Didattiche” (Simulation Games for Management Education), co-authored with Paolo Jaccod, Franco Angeli, Milan, 1985
  • Various articles on business topics (innovation, venture capital, strategic planning), published by: Corriere della Sera, Rivista dei Fondi Comuni di Investimento, Giornale delle Assicurazioni, Milan, 1981-1983
  • 4 articles on International Marketing Strategy and Organization, Ufficio Moderno, Milan, 1977-1980
  • Marketing and Marketing Glossary, in the “Nuova Enciclopedia Pratica di Management” (The New Management Encyclopedia), Etas Libri, Milan, 1978
  • International Organization in Multinational Advertising Agencies , Stratégies, Paris, 1973

Working Papers

  • Searching for an e-Learning Readiness Indicator: a Survey in the Sales Division of a Major Car Manufacturer, Doctoral Thesis, Grenoble Ecole de Management, 2012
  • Research Proposal on Benchmarking groupware adoption practices and service quality performance, Henley Management College, U.K., 1996
  • Thesis Critique on Strategic Information Systems , Henley Management College, U.K., 1996
  • “I 77 ‘veri’ concetti chiave del marketing e della vita aziendale” (The 77 “true” key concepts in marketing and management), IFOA, 1994
  • Computer Augmented Cooperation: Literature Review and Directions for Future Research Manchester Business School, 1993
  • What are the Characteristics of a ‘Good Research Topic’, and How Can Such Topics Be Identified?, Manchester Business School, 1993
  • The Impact of Environmental Issues on Strategic Management: a Conceptual and Operational Model for Strategy Formulation, Kent State University, Kent, Ohio, 1990
  • Developing an Expert System in the Area of Strategic Planning for Small and Medium-Size Companies: a Proposal, Kent State University, Kent, Ohio, 1990
  • The Use of Personal Computers in Management Education, AISM, Milan, 1986
  • The Value of Information in Investment Decisions, Financial & Accounting Aspects in Marketing, Milan, 1977
  • The Economic Impact of Advertising, Université de Paris II, Paris, 1971

Business Games, Simulations, e-Learning Programs, and Decision Support Systems

  • PfP (price for profit), an interactive web-based system for supporting SMEs’ pricing and international pricing decisions, Polo per l’Internazionalizzazione delle Imprese Abruzzesi, 2015
  • SouthTool, an interactive web-based questionnaire for assessing the Southern Italian SMEs’ internationalization readiness and identifying the most attractive foreign countries, ICE, Rome, 2014
  • YouTool ( an interactive web-based questionnaire for assessing the SMEs’ internationalization readiness, ICE and Confartigianato (industry association), Rome, 2012
  • Mass & Custom, Business game on Strategic Management in a B2B industry, University of Roma Tre, 2011
  • Global Branding Strategies, Business Game, Overseas Education College, Jiao Tong University & CUOA, Shanghai, 2011
  • Quantitative Methods for Management, E-learning courses co-authored with Alfonso Pace, ICE, 2009-2010
  • Export and District Game, business game for assessing and promoting the performance of public bodies in supporting exporting SMEs, ICE, Damascus, Syria, and Pretoria, South Africa, 2009
  • International Marketing, E-learning courses, co-authored with Alfonso Pace, ICE, 2005-2009
  • Various Excel-based DSS in International Marketing (assessment of countries’ attractiveness, market potentials projections, channels decisions, ) for ICE’s consultants to exporting SMEs, co-authored with Alfonso Pace and Davide Possati, ICE, 2000-2005
  • Foodland & Industryland, simplified Excel-based business games, IFOA & University of Padua, 2004- 2005
  • @wine, Excel-based business game on e-commerce, IFOA, 2004
  • Pasta & Biscuits, business game on strategic management, Grenoble Ecole de Management, 2002-2003
  • Export Game, an instructional and promotional web-based tool on services provided by ICE to SMEs, ICE, 2001
  • ex4ex (Export for Experts), an interactive web-based business game on export strategies, co-authored with Alfonso Pace and Davide Possati, ICE, 2001
  • eXsim, an integrated business game on export strategies, co-authored with Alfonso Pace, Davide Possati and Simone Garroni, IFOA, 1988
  • “Introduzione al marketing internazionale” (A multimedia introduction to international marketing), IFOA, 1988
  • Hyperbusiness, a multimedia introduction to marketing and management, IFOA, 1994
  • Strategic Marketing Exerciser , small expert system to be used as a teaching tool for marketing teachers, co-authored with Daniele Gerundino, IFOA, 1992
  • “Gestione di un computer shop” (Managing a Franchised Computer Shop), business game conceived and developed (together with Gino Morelli and Eleonora Schiavoni) on a Lotus 1.2.3 platform for Bit Shop Primavera (MicroAge/Olivetti Group), Milan, 1984
  • “Gestione della Filiale di Banca” (Managing a Bank’s Branch), business game conceived and developed on an Apple II platform (together with Paolo Jaccod and other colleagues) for the former “Intesa Group” (Istituto Bancario San Paolo di Torino, Monte dei Paschi di Siena, Banco di Napoli, Banco di Sicilia), 1980-1981

Conferences and Presentations

  • Supporting SMEs’ Internationalization: Analyzing and Clustering SMEs for the Identification of the Most Appropriate Services, accepted for presentation at the 5th European Business Research Conference, Rome, 10-11 September 2015 (co-authored with Giulia Tatananni)
  • “Modelli interpretativi nel Social CRM” (Diagnostic Models for Social CRM), SMAU Florence, July 14, 2015
  • Global Branding Simulation, The Global Marketing Conference, London, UK, September 18, 2013
  • New Decision Making Tools for Exporting SMEs, International Enterprise Promotion Convention, Harrogate, UK, November 8, 2010
  • Italian SMEs’ Marketing People’s Perceptions of the Impact of e-Learning, International Enterprise Promotion Convention, Harrogate, UK, November 16, 2009
  • Judgment-Based Decision Models, Association for Strategic Planning, Faculty Center, UCLA, Los Angeles, January 9, 2007
  • Various conferences and presentations on Knowledge Management and the Impact of IT and e-commerce on SMEs’ competitiveness, IFOA, 1998-2004
  • IT & SMEs: Research Findings, Problems and Opportunities for Public and Private Institutions, CEI Summit Economic Forum, Trieste, November 21, 2001
  • e-Education: the Use of Modeling with Simple IT Tools in Distance Learning Initiatives Addressed to Owners and Managers of SMEs, co-authored with Alfonso Pace, CEI Summit Economic Forum, Trieste, November 21, 2001
  • SME’s Development: the Improvement of the Italian Model, in a EU Market Perspective, CEI, Bratislava, October 17, 2001
  • The Use of Simulation Models and Business Games in Export Strategies Training for SMEs, IATTO & ITPO International Conference, Tel Aviv, Israel, November 21-26, 1998
  • Recent Advances in the Use of Networks and Groupware Platforms in Distance Learning, annual Mediacastres (Centre des Nouvelles Technologies de Communication) Conference in Castres, France, May 26, 1997
  • “El Concepto de Marketing Como Filosofia de Gestion de la Empresa” (Marketing as a Management Philosophy), UCUDAL (Catholic University of Uruguay), Montevideo, August 7, 1995
  • Information Technologies in Education, Conference on Quality Management and Education, ASSOCAD and ANASIN, Milan, November 9, 1994
  • An Expert Authoring system for the Development of Custom Made International Management Games, selected (in abstract form) for presentation at the at The Tenth International Conference on Technology and Education, MIT, Cambridge, MA, March 21-24, 1993 (conference not attended)
  • A European Expert System on Strategic Marketing for Executive Education, The Ninth International Conference on Technology and Education, Paris, France, March 16-20, 1992
  • Teaching Objectives and Structure of the Strategic Marketing Exerciser , The Expert System in Strategic Marketing Workshop, North East Wales Institute of Higher Education, Wrexham, Clwyd, U.K., March 11-13, 1992
  • Spreadsheets in Marketing Education: Integration of Text and Software for a New Course on Marketing Strategy , The 1991 AMA Microcomputers in Marketing Conference, San Diego, CA, August 16-17, 1991
  • Implications of Europe 1992 on American and French Management Education , Symposium on French and American Business Cultures, San Jose State University, California, September 28, 1991
  • “Une Base de Données Intelligente pour le Développement de Nouvelles Entreprises à l’Etranger” (An Intelligent Data Base for the Development of International New Ventures), Université de Laval, Canada, May 11, 1989
  • European Integration in 1992: Implications for American Business , Monterey Bay International Trade Association, Monterey, April 18, 1989
  • European Integration in 1992: Implications for American Business Education , Symposium on International Management Education: Needs for the 1990s and Beyond, Monterey Institute of International Studies, CA, February 20, 1989
  • Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Marketing Decision Support Systems, selected (in abstract form) for presentation at the 2nd International Workshop on Artificial Intelligence in Economics and Management, Singapore, January 11-13, 1989 (conference not attended)
  • The Expected Impact of 1992 on Trade Relationships between United States and Europe: an Integrated Framework for Analysis from a Global Strategic Marketing Standpoint, selected (in abstract form) for presentation at the New England Business Administration Association Conference on Globalization of Business, New Haven, CT, November 18, 1988 (conference not attended)
  • Marketing Planning Techniques for New Industrial Products, The Eighth International Symposium on Forecasting, Amsterdam, June 12-15, 1988
  • Trends in the Italian Computer Market: Implications for the Computer Retail Industry, The bi-annual meeting of Comdex Europe, Nice, France, May 27, 1986
  • Franchising in the Computer Retail Industry: the Italian Experience , The bi-annual meeting of Comdex Europe, Amsterdam, October 25, 1984

Teaching cases and notes

  • Various editions of several cases and teachers’ manuals (Foodland, Industryland, Franz, Pasta & Biscuits, eXsim, @wine, etc.) to support the educational use of business simulations and games, 1998-present
  • Rossi Motoriduttori S.p.A.: marketing planning for industrial components, medium-size firm, 1996
  • Cynar France S.A.: international marketing strategy (medium-size Italian firm in France), 1994
  • Ceramic Tiles: strategic planning in view of Europe 1992 (small Italian manufacturing company), 1993
  • Middle Eastern Pie: market projections for industrial plants in the United Emirates, 1991
  • Serra S.p.A.: strategic planning in view of Europe 1992 (small Italian manufacturing company), 1990
  • Nuovo Cegam: strategic planning and organization in the insurance industry, 1982
  • Intesa: planning and control in commercial banks (co-authored), 1981
  • 3 cases on reorganization, development & management of a dealer network, FIAT Auto (co- authored), 1980
  • Far Machines : international marketing strategy and organization (industrial machinery), 1979
  • Contractors Italia, A&B: decision analysis and international marketing planning (industrial plants), 1975

Professional and Managerial Experience

  • Independent consultant: Partner and/or Senior Consultant in various management consulting companies over the years: Imarcoitalia, Networking, MATE, Nestplan International (Vernon, France:, EM-CG (London-New York:
    In addition to the academic activities and many management education assignments (see above), involved in several consulting projects (strategic and international marketing planning, marketing and industrial research, design and development of business simulations and decision support systems) for medium and large companies (such as the Istituto Bancario San Paolo di Torino and other major banks, FIAT, FIAT Parts UK, ICE, Lotus Development Corp., Olivetti Italy, Olivetti USA, RAS & other insurance companies, Reggio Children, Rossi Motoriduttori, SEAT Spain, Superga, …), public and semi-public institutions (such as the European Commission, ICE – the Italian Institute for Foreign Trade, IFOA, Unioncamere – the Italian National Association of Chambers of Commerce, the National Chambers of Commerce of Czech Republic and Hungary) and industry associations (such as Confartigianato – the largest Italian association of SMEs, Assopiastrelle – the National Association of ceramic tiles manufacturers, and API – the National Association of industrial SMEs). Assignments conducted in more than 20 Countries, 1978-present
  • Senior Consultant at Studio Ambrosetti, Milan, Italy: specifically in charge of the development of the strategic marketing plan for Montedison, of the intenational operations, and of the coordination of many management education initiatives conducted by well-known speakers. Part-time 1978-1979
  • Division General Manager at Bassetti, Milan, Italy (industrial textiles, household linen, sportswear): marketing and profit & loss responsibilities, in Italy and Western Europe, 1976-1978
  • Senior Consultant at GEA, Milan, Italy: involved in several consulting projects, particularly in the strategic marketing area, for major clients such as Barilla, Ferroli, Merloni, Pirelli, Superga, 1974-1976
  • Marketing Research Director and, subsequently, General Manager of the French subsidiary of Gruppo GMA (spirits and other consumer products), Milan and Paris: for the last three years in France, with advertising and profit & loss responsibilities, 1966-1972

Professional Associations

Insegnamenti Lauree Magistrali (DM270/04)

Insegnamenti Laurea Triennale e Laurea Magistrale ad esaurimento (DM509/99)